10 Things I Remember

10 Things I Remember

Written by Ade

I’m sure most of us have had moments where someone had let us down and when we reflected on the situation, we found that all the signs that this was bound to happen were there all along. We had simply not paid attention or had forgotten about the signs. Well, I recently had one of those moments. This got me thinking that it is difficult to always remember everything we have learnt, and continue to learn, during our life journey. I therefore wanted to use the opportunity to capture “10 things I remember now, but might forget if I don’t write them down”:

  • Life is not a race, so slow down and stop all the chasing.
  • Things will not always go the way I hope or plan, but I always have a choice on how to respond.
  • What I run away from will always find me; in life there is no place to hide.
  • A wounded heart really does heal.
  • Conforming to fit in never leads to acceptance.
  • How can I show love to my neighbour, if I am not showing it to myself.
  • Life cannot be compartmentalised, any attempt to do so leads to spillover and a bit of contamination.
  • I will sometimes mistaken illusion for reality; that’s okay, it will pass.
  • Life is a continuos paradox; somedays it gives us rainbows and somedays volcanic ash. 
  • There is a difference between remembering what I know and living what I know.

May we all find the courage to remember and live what we truly know.

So, what things don’t you wish to forget?

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