I am Free!

I am Free!

Written by Ade

I have now been out in Southeast Asia for over one week. The first part of my travels took me to Thailand and I am now in Cambodia, exploring the ancient Angkor Temples. I have always been fascinated by travel and growing up could not wait to obtain my passport and head off somewhere like my childhood hero, Sinbad the Sailor. Some of the great things I love about travel include the opportunity to explore unfamiliar territories, get to meet people from different cultures and a chance to get out of my own comfort zone. 

The more I travel, the more I realise how little I know about anything. When I say ‘anything’, I mean those things that really matter in the grand scheme of things. This trip has been no exception, from the people I have spoken to and the places that I have visited, I am pleased to confirm that I indeed know very little. Knowing very little has become a sheer joy to me, as it means there is so much to discover, so much to explore.

A conversation I had with someone I met shortly after visiting Wat Pot in Bangkok gave me some food for thought. I had asked my new acquaintance whether he was a Buddhist. Bearing in mind that nearly 95% of Thailand’s population is Buddhist, I internally made an assumption that his response would be a ‘yes’. The response was simple, yet profound – ‘No, I am free’, he said. ‘I live my life knowing what is right and what is wrong, I do my best to do good and try not to do bad and if I see someone who has less than me, I give what I can’.

His statement fascinated me; particularly ‘I am free’. I am familiar with the terms  ‘agnostic’, ‘atheist’ or ‘spiritual’, but to say ‘I am free’; well I was blown away. I was amazed by the confidence, certainty and clarity in which he made this simple statement. We did not get into a discussion about what he meant – did he mean free from religion, dogma, rituals, or something else? It does not really matter, “to be Free, means to be Free”, and any further discussion would have taken away the simplicity of his message. 

May we all be Free.


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