Letting Go

Letting Go

Written by Ade

I have spent the last few months travelling, initially in Thailand and Cambodia, followed by just under two months in the US. One of the things that struck me hard during my first few weeks in New York was that I had not fully grown out of my ‘childhood’ habit of hanging onto the past.

Its not like I was unfamiliar of this old habit of mine. Prior to heading off travelling, I had spent a couple of days getting rid of items that I no longer needed. This was something that I had put off for some time, with more exciting activities always distracting me from what I knew needed to be done. As I went through boxes of different sizes, I came across items like credit card bills from over 15 years ago, every single letter I must have ever received and copies of old school report cards. In speaking to a few friends about my de-cluttering efforts, it appeared I was not alone in holding onto stuff that was no longer needed - excuses ranged from, ‘I might need that one day’ to ‘it’s no big deal’ to ‘it’s just the way I am’ or ‘I get it from my mother’.

So it came as no huge surprise, when during my second week in the States, my old habit reminded me that I was still emotionally in Cambodia. For here I was constantly wishing I were back there, endlessly recounting to anyone who would listen about my adventures, checking my treasured pictures at every opportunity I could get. In my hanging on to ‘what was’, I found that I was not feeling settled and conscious that I was missing the fragrance of the present. During those first two weeks I tried a variety of techniques to help bring me into the moment – these included meditation, journaling, catching a range of shows on Broadway, long walks in Central Park – none of these had the desired effect.

I did get to a place when I finally felt fully present, fully in the moment. This came at the end of the third week. It simply happened. In fact, it happened on a day I had nothing planned and did very little. In that moment, I did smell the fragrance of the present and was reminded that sometimes all that is needed to ‘let go’ is an awareness of not being present and an intention to let go of what was. The rest simply happens naturally.

In coming to this understanding, I take heed from the simplicity of nature which can be observed in the changing Seasons – spring is now fully upon us and without effort or fanfare that will soon make way for summer. Without drama or second thought, summer then says goodbye and we say hello to autumn. And without tears or fear of letting go, the trees shed their remaining clothes and winter enters. And before we know it, spring is at the door again - at no point in the process, do any of the Seasons say ‘I am not ready’, there is simply a knowing that each will let go and this all just happens effortlessly.

May we all find the courage to let go of the past effortlessly

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by Yinka T on 5th May 2010

good stuff mate... made me stop and think. Will pinch some of this though, to help with "my patients" at work :-)

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by Steph M on 9th May 2010

Lovely piece of you sharing your experience and learning; so happy that the 'awareness' and 'intention' piece is guiding you :-)

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