The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

Written by Ade

Every summer, for the last five years, I have made a commitment to learn how to rollerblade. Every winter, for the last five years, I catch sight of my blades, hidden away in my closet and realize that I never got round to fulfilling that desire.

In reflecting on my excuses for not just getting out there and doing it, I am reminded that I am not alone in having a heart desire and doing nothing about it. Afterall, with such busy lives that we live; it is easy to put things off and wait for that ‘perfect moment’. Our endless excuses can range from – ‘when I get that new job’, ‘when I meet my soulmate’, ‘when I obtain that extra qualification’, ‘when the kids leave home’ or in my case ‘when I find the time and someone to teach me’. 

The rationalizations that prevent us from living our heart desires remind me of the play, ‘Waiting for Godot’, which I saw last year with Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart. As those familiar with the story know, the two main protagonists spend the entire play waiting for ‘Godot’ - a man, who never appears. Each day of waiting, simply repeating itself, with the protagonists reliving their dialogue and drama. "Let's go. Yes, let's go”, says one of the characters, but neither moves.

As August fast approached, I was conscious that I had not done anything regarding this yearly goal of mine. Yes, I had a clear idea of ‘What I wanted to do’ – i.e. learn how to rollerblade. However, in order to bring my goal to life and ensure that it is achieved and sustainable, it has now been important for me to consider: 

  • What is the reason for the goal? (To have fun)
  • What prevents me from achieving this goal? (Procrastination) 
  • What is my timeframe for achieving this goal? (By October 2010)
  • When will I start? (First week of August 2010)
  • What resources do I need in order to achieve this goal? (A tutor or accompanying friend)

These questions are ones that can be applied to any situation where someone finds himself or herself playing the waiting game. During this whole process, it is also vital to stay open to synchronicities. I am a great believer that when we put our intentions out there, the universe responds accordingly. Well, that’s what’s happened in my case – a few days ago, a friend on Facebook mentioned she was taking rollerblading lessons locally and now I am having my first lesson later today… weather permitting, of course :-)

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by Patrick on 30th July 2010

Good luck with the rollerskating, Ade. I will take extra care when cycling through Amsterdam this afternoon knowing you might roll across my path!

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