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Shift perceptions to discover possibilities and release potential - for individuals, groups, teams and organisations.

Ade Adeniji – Founder of Walk With You

Ade Adeniji

Imagine how wonderful it would feel to be energised and continuously inspired about your present and future. Be it work or play, family or friends, health or wellbeing. How wonderful would it be to harness skills and opportunities to your advantage, and go on to achieve your dreams and live a fulfilled authentic life. Sounds too good to be true – is that what you are thinking? Walk with me to discover and release your optimal potential today.

My name is Ade Adeniji and I am a coach, facilitator and organisational consultant. I take a holistic approach to every aspect of my practice and I keep things simple - in practical terms this involves helping individuals, groups and organisations shift limiting perceptions, generate an abundance of enriching possibilities and truly realise their optimal potential.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked in a range of different organisations with many wonderful people on a professional and personal level, many of whom have shared the same frustration - a lack of head space to see things differently and make things happen! This is where one of my passions comes in - helping unlock the unconscious to discover options, make conscious choices and implement decisions. 

Modern life is fast paced, draining, challenging and - let’s face it - hard work at times. We hit stumbling blocks, get distracted and lose interest easily, all of which hinder our opportunities to live life to its full potential. This can have a profound effect on our happiness and often a negative knock on effect on the people that surround us.

People nowadays tend to think of life as reaching a destination, not enjoying the journey. This would be like travelling on a fast train through the most beautiful countryside and never enjoying the view, but constantly checking your watch to make sure you are going to arrive on time. This is where I come in - personally, professionally and spiritually.

The organisational consulting and coaching service I provide is an effective and resourceful process in opening up to business and life’s possibilities, resulting in transforming them into practical outcomes. The ultimate goal of the service I provide is to walk with individuals, groups, teams and organisations, engaging them in shifting any limiting perceptions, discovering infinite possibilities and releasing their optimal potential.

A Little Bit About Who I Am...

I have 20 years experience in human resources, spanning the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. I was Human Resources Director with Liberty Global Europe and had responsibility for the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Central Europe. Prior to that, I was Head of Human Resources with Guardian News and Media Ltd. In addition I have held other HR related roles in the UK with ITV, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Cabinet Office, the National Mentoring Consortium and the Government Legal Service.

I have an MSc in HR Management from London South Bank University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the London College of Law and LLB (Hons) from the University of East London. I am an accredited Workplace Mediator and a member of the Professional Mediator's Association. I also hold a Diploma in Group Facilitation, Counselling Skills and Conflict Resolution. I am a certified NLP Practitioner, Coach and Facilitator. I am also a certified The Daring Way- Facilitator. 

I currently serve as a Trustee of Minority Rights Group International. I have also held voluntary positions in the UK with the Samaritans, the Citizens Advice Bureau and was a School Governor (Vice-Chair) at a primary school in East London. 

Outside the HR profession, I’m interested in self-inquiry and personal development. I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Counsellor in autumn 2004 and am a member of the Interfaith Foundation. The Interfaith Foundation embraces a universal and inclusive approach to spirituality. The Foundation does not aim to promote a new religion or to be perceived as a rival to any established religion. It instead promotes an ethic of respect, reconciliation, forgiveness and fellowship, supporting peacemaking and the remembrance of our human unity. I am also a graduate of The Hoffman Process.

Since January 2010, I have taken an active interest in improvisation, which has led to a few stage performances. I have also been involved in autobiographical storytelling and in December 2011 told a story on Radio Netherlands World Wide.

I am co-founder of 'The Quest', a social enterprise set up with fellow coach and group leader (Darren Brady). The Quest offers workshops, coaching, retreats and personal development events for gay men. The essense of The Quest is that it takes gay men on a journey into a powerfully different way of living, free from the constraints of the past and unleashed to the possibility of the present. 

I am based in Amsterdam and London.

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