Still Here

Still Here

Written by Ade

I am always amazed at how time flies. One minute its Winter and before you know it, Spring emerges, with the remainder of the seasons following in quick succession. I am convinced that when I was younger the days were much slower, the school term always seemed so long and my summer holidays felt like they went on forever.

I was reminded the other week that I had not posted a blog entry for quite awhile, "Yeah, feels like ages since I did", I casually answered back to my friend. "November", she said. "Wow, where have the months gone", I replied.

Yes, 2011 is certainly flying by and as I sit here and ponder, while staring out of my window at the beautiful Amsterdam canal, all I can really say is 'I am still here', partly in the woods and partly out in the marketplace; but still here.

I was looking around for a story or poem to capture my feelings around, 'Still Here' and came across this poem by Langston Hughes.

Been scared and battered. 

My hopes the wind done scattered. 

Snow has friz me, 

Sun has baked me, 


Looks like between 'em they done 

Tried to make me 


Stop laughin', stop lovin', stop livin'-- 

But I don't care! 

I'm still here! 

Yes, I certainly can relate to the sentiment and essence of Mr Hughes' poem. In between the Snow and Sun of the seasons long gone, I am still here. Quiet, but still here.

So, pending new blog entries, do have a wander around the site and re-read previous entries; in between checking out the resources page for some nourishment for your journey. Or better still, drop me a line, would love to hear something about your journey.


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