Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.

Babe Ruth


Shift perceptions to discover possibilities and release potential - for teams, groups and organisations.

Clients often ask me for solutions, and this is where the consulting arm of my business really comes into its own. In some cases, the client does not even know there is an issue, they just know that something is not working within their organisation or department and want to explore becoming more effective and efficient. The consultancy service is different to coaching, which is about partnering and encouraging the client to find the answer of their own accord. With the consultancy service, I wear a variety of hats ranging from advisor, process specialist, facilitator, fact-finder to mediator.

Taking a holistic approach to consulting, I facilitate the process so that the client arrives at the destination via the road that is most effective and compatible for them. The overall aim being, to improve organisational performance. Once the destination or goal is reached, I leave the client with the solution or range of options, and in some cases continue walking with the client, whilst never losing sight of the identified goal or target.

Organisation Development is the main area where I use my consultancy expertise. However, my human resources skills, knowledge and experience are easily transferable to almost any issue or task that arises within an organisational framework. The range of organisation development interventions that I use include:

Please get in touch for an informal chat or more information and case studies.

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