Spirituality refers to an individual’s solitary search for and discovery of the absolute or the divine.

Wayne Teasdale


Shift perceptions by engaging individuals to live an integrated life, both in and out of the workplace.

Do you find yourself asking “what’s it all about?” or perhaps, “what is my purpose?”, “who am I?”, “how can I walk my talk and live by my values?”, then spiritual counselling could be for you. The spiritual life counselling process can be, and has been described as, a blissful awakening experience that ignites your inner soul. The role of the spiritual life counsellor is to accompany you as you ask those deeper questions of life, which are often too overwhelming to contemplate.

But it’s not just for the individual. Companies are more and more looking to engage their employees by exploring ways in which the ‘whole person’ can be welcomed into the workplace; rather than having employees bringing a 'compartmentalised self' to work. As a result, a number of them are beginning to explore matters around ‘spirituality at work’ to help inspire their employees to create a more engaged and therefore more productive workplace.

There are endless possibilities to be explored from spiritual life counselling. Here are just a few of them:

Regardless of whether you have had any form of spiritual life counselling, or perhaps you have already started your own inner exploration journey, all are welcome. It does not even matter whether or not you follow a particular religion, tradition or faith. I meet you where you are at, knowing that you are already whole. Spiritual life counselling is not about imposing a belief system or spiritual perspective on the client. I offer to you an honest and insightful spiritual counselling service to help facilitate the process of spiritual awareness.

The counselling session is about walking with you on the journey to the realisation of wholeness. The ultimate mission is to be of service to you, the client – so that you know yourself as whole and are open to life and all that it brings.

The spiritual life counselling process will normally commence with an initial 30 minute free consultation, during which we will discuss what has brought you to explore spiritual counselling and what you hope to get out of it. We will also explore whether I am most suited to serve you. Unlike coaching, there are no prescribed number of sessions, this will normally be left to you. Sessions will typically last around 1.5 hours and depending on location can be face-to-face or by telephone.

Get in touch to discover more about spiritual life counselling or for a free 30 minute consultation.

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