Some feedback from individuals I have had the pleasure of working with.

While at Chellomedia, it was my privilege and pleasure to work with Ade, HR Director for the Benelux division, the UK, Spain and Central Europe. Each of these divisions managed their own portfolio of media businesses, and it was Ade's job to cut across these internationally diverse enterprises and build a common set of human resources practices, policies and values. His achievements in this regard were nothing less than outstanding. But Ade went well beyond the HR fundamentals such as attracting valuable employees and creating motivating programs for employees. He guided the development of the organization with the attainment of his colleagues' professional goals and the business' bottom line in mind. He resolved inevitable personnel conflicts with both an adherence to the strict principles of fairness as well as sincere compassion. And Ade was invaluable in building a company culture that reflected the exceptional attributes of the digital media industry, while showing our own unique company personality.

James Buklarewicz, former Executive Vice President, Chello Benelux

I would describe Ade's coaching approach as solution and action based, which is underlined by his intense listening and questioning. What came through clearly for me during our coaching sessions was his commitment to the process. I found Ade a great sounding-board, with the support and space he gave me to find my own answers. Ade held me accountable and focused with his questioning and I found myself talking myself into plan of actions.

Esther, Coaching Client

Ade's human resources expertise and support was vital to the successes the Chello Benelux business has achieved, particularly during a period of significant change. Ade made key contributions to the development and implementation of the company strategy on employee engagement, which has had a positive impact on the culture of the business. His consistently positive and constructive approach whilst working within the business was much appreciated.

Jeroen Bergman, Managing Director, Chello Benelux

Ade is a true professional with the knowledge and insight that helped me guide myself along my journey. He is a supportive and caring coach coupled with meaningful questions and reflections that challenged me to see my situation from a different perspective.

Stephanie, Coaching Client

Ade has a wealth of experience within the human resources field. He brings a lot of energy into the team or group he is working with and has the ability to generate ideas and follow them through to implementation. He is discreet and confidential and is always thoughtful and measured in how to approach all situations.

Trish Walker, Vice President HR, Liberty Global Europe

Ade’s approach to coaching is both professional and personal.  He is always sensitive and attentive to his client’s needs and offers a safe environment in which to explore new opportunities. At the same time he remains focused on his clients’ goals and is confident about their ability and potential to grow and move forward.

Mylène, Coaching Client

Ade brings a values-driven approach to his work, and is courageous in his willingness to hold up the mirror and challenge the business, in the interests of moving issues forward. He gets away with it because he is extremely likeable and has the confidence to keep a healthy sense of detachment. He is particularly talented at conflict resolution with an ability to ensure that all points of view are thoroughly explored and the real agendas surfaced. 

Sally Webster, Founder Director, Lighthouse Leaders Ltd

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