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A warm welcome from Ade Adeniji – Founder of Walk With You Coaching & Consulting

Modern life can often feel surface driven, draining, challenging and let’s face it, hard work at times! We hit stumbling blocks, get distracted and lose interest easily, all of which can hinder our opportunities to fully show up and live life to its full potential. This can have a profound effect on our wellbeing and a negative knock on effect on the people that surround us.

It’s easy to view life as being about reaching a destination, and dismissing the significance of enjoying the journey. This would be like travelling on a fast train through the most beautiful countryside and never enjoying the view, but constantly checking your watch to make sure you are going to arrive on time. This is where I come in – personally and professionally.

My name is Ade Adeniji, I am a certified Coach, Group Facilitator, Organisation Consultant and Mediator. As a practitioner I adopt a holistic approach in all aspects of my practice, this involves working with individuals, teams and organisations to give voice to making the implicit explicit, with a view to leaning into vulnerability and cultivating wholehearted self-expression.

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